Instrumental Shorts

Conversations – Adult Contemporary. Emotional, synth driven and warm strings, with a feeling of movement.

Just Us –  Strong synth, modern R&B style with a hint of jazz, cool and laid back.

Coffee With A Shot – Modern, hard with powerful Hip Hop synths and heavy bass.

I Don’t Recall – Rhythmic melody in Trance/Techno style. Ambient synths with edgy guitar solo.

Just For Fun – Upbeat, uplifting, memorable melody and bass. For advertising and commercials.

Round & Round We Go – Emotional, slightly dark, beautiful strings for cinematic music bed or soundtrack.

Sweet Love – Sexy, cozy and chilled lounge like.

Woke – Modern stylish Hip Hop. Ideal for blog, sport, action..Hip Hop! Hip Hop! Club like!

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