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compose music that adds value to your Narrative, Documentary, Gaming, Promotional, Training, Advertising, Film, TVand other audiovisual presentations, by making them better, more memorable, more exciting, and therefore more effective. I help producers deliver their message.

Cold Duck featuring Giampiero Scuderi (TEASER)

Cold Duck CoverWhat’s up everybody!! I’m getting closer to my new smooth jazz single release..Here’s a taste of what’s coming…Enjoy and please SHARE..At a later time I’ll also share with you the “story” behind the title track (so like Chris Brown says, “please don’t judge!)..the many guitarists I auditioned and the awesome musicians, producers and engineers I had the pleasure to work with…Stay Tuned!!
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Meet The Newest Member of My Writing Team

As a songwriter, I’m always looking for new ways to express myself beyond using my Korg keyboard workstation. I’m not always at the keyboard when the creative juices start to flow or when I get an awesome idea for a song. I get inspired a lot by nature, things I observe, conversations I have or just my own thoughts. Usually when that happens and I’m away from the Korg, I just whip out my smartphone and use the voice recorder to record the idea(s). That way I won’t forget the idea(s). But for some  reason lately that has not been enough for me. I wanted a new way to express myself, a new challenge. I wanted to create in a way that I never had before. For me it’s about growing , learning new things  and stretching myself to be all that I can be.

I digress..In 2011-2012,  I went back to school to learn some new things about radio broadcasting because of an internet radio show that I was developing. Mind you, I already had previous experience in radio, so again it was about growth. Before finishing school, I got an opportunity to work as a producer for CBS radio and that complimented the direction that I was already headed in with my show. An added benefit to working as a radio producer in a top five market is that  I got a chance to see the daily operations of running a station, the digital hardware and software, the business-side of radio, the programming etc. Those things have given me an edge as a broadcaster and made me more strategic when planning and developing Indie Music Biz Radio.

So here we are in 2014 and I want to grow more as a musician, a songwriter and a producer. As I looked for a new way of expanding myself, I came to the conclusion that I was going to learn to play acoustic guitar so that I could use it as an additional writing tool. Yes! I am so excited! My goal is not to become a prolific guitarist, but if I learn a few songs , I may frequent some coffee bars and challenge myself to play before a small group just for the fun of!! I walked into Guitar Center after researching some starter guitars and walked out with the newest member of my writing team.  Hopefully we can make some beautiful music together to share with all of you.Here she is.. and I call her “Lyric”… Know that I will take advantage of the group guitar lessons offered at Guitar center, plus I found a really cool site called Learning new things! I will most definitely keep you posted about my progress!! Happy writing!rsz_lyricimag1308_1_1-1

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Music Business Question Of The Week

I was a member of a singing group for  a long time, but I recently left the group to pursue a solo career. While I was with the group, I wrote a lot of the tracks and other members wrote the lyrics.  I kindly asked for my tracks back and they refused to give them to me. Now we are fighting about who owns the tracks. Can you please tell us from a legal perspective, Who Owns The Tracks?

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Tina Clark /Anthony Clint Jr. Teams Up Again!

MR. Team AC/TC… Making Music Like Magic!

(Indie Music Biz Radio)

Indie Music Biz Radio (IMBR): You worked with songwriter/producer Tina Clark on her first smooth jazz single “Pearl” from the EP “Nikki Ruth”..Were you at all surprised when she asked you to join her on this latest single “MR.?

I was probably more excited than surprised when Tina asked me to join her on the single “MR.”. lol She was extremely happy with the way “Pearl” turned out and gave me obvious hints that she would be bringing me in on future projects of hers. So I was excited and honored when she asked me to be apart of “MR.”!

IMBR: We understand that the process was a little different this time, in that all of the tracking was done in Logic Pro. Do you think that she had a hard time adjusting due to her habit of creating on external music workstations? lol! Did it present any challenges for you?

LOL! Well, there’s definitely a learning curve when switching to a DAW (digital audio workstation) from an external music workstation such as a keyboard or mpc. I believe producing this particular record (“MR.”) took a little longer due to Tina working in Logic Pro for the first time. She was practically producing music in Logic Pro while learning how to work it as she went along…no time for manuals!! HA! However, she’s a fast learner. I think she’s getting the hang of it! Lol On my end, it was definitely easier for me to collab because everything was in the same format. When editing and explaining transitions, we could both pull up the session in Logic and immediately be on the same page. I love that!

IMBR: Part of her musical signature is themes. Whenever you hear a Tina Clark instrumental, there is always a melodic theme. Does that make it easier or harder for you to co-produce with her? (If yes or no) How?

Yes, definitely! Her having themes in her music makes my life a thousand times easier because I know where I am in the song. LOL It’s basically a chorus for me..which most songs have. So if she says “you know, let’s make the second verse/improv 8 bars longer” I know exactly where that second verse/improv should come in at. Omg, it makes composing music sooo much easier! Lol Have you ever heard a jazz record and you have no idea where they are because it’s all just improv?…Of course, it’s amazing to listen to, and even play live! But when you’re the one playing piano, recording over someone else’s improvisation…you may get lost…a lot! Lol So I love to have some sort of structure in a song.

IMBR: In terms of capturing her ” vision” for MR…how did she communicate that to you?

She simply told me what she wanted and where she wanted it in the track. Most of the time it was her doing a demo of what she heard over the phone! She also gave me a couple examples of the style of piano playing she wanted, which always makes things easier to grasp when I can actually HEAR them as a musician.

IMBR: MR. is very sensual..who’s idea was that? lol..because she is a little reserved in person. Were you surprised at the sensuality of the track?

LOL! It is pretty sensual isn’t it?! I was a little surprised because it is definitely more sensual than some of her other works. Believe it or not, it was her idea! She wanted this track to be emotional and reeeaally smooth. It was up to me to help create that…so I stayed up late playing piano with the lights dimmed in my home studio..eyes closed and everything! Lol Because I really wanted to FEEL what I was playing to help create the sensuality in “MR.” From what I hear, that was a success! Ha!

IMBR: Every song on this project has a story behind it, did she tell you the story behind MR.?

Yes, every song has a story behind it…she told me a little bit about the story behind “MR.” If I remember correctly, it has to do with a relationship Tina’s mother had…since this entire project revolves around her mother. Like any other relationship, it had it’s romantic times, it’s happy and smooth times, and it’s rough, stormy times. We wanted to capture all of that musically!

IMBR: You are actually co-producer on this entire project. She really likes your work huh?

Anthony Clint Jr.

And the two of you seem to work well together..what do you attribute that too because she doesn’t trust or work with a lot of people?

Yes, I am! Pretty dope, huh? Lol Yeah, I believe she not only likes my production work, but she likes the fact that I am a trustworthy, reliable and consistent businessman. Not to mention, I’m a really cool guy to work with! LOL It’s a mutual feeling..she’s a great person to work with!

IMBR: Tina talks often about how professional you are as a producer! What do you say about that?

Wow, that says a lot by itself actually! Unfortunately, there are A LOT of unprofessional people in this industry. So when you find the ones who ARE professional, keep them close. Lol Really! I believe my professionalism comes from growing up watching my parents run their own business…personable and professionally! I like to handle my business the same way.

IMBR: Hey Anthony, Thanks for taking out time to talk with us!

Oh, it’s no problem at all! Anytime…you guys are great. Thank you for the opportunity!

IMBR: You are available for other projects, how can you be reached?

Yes, definitely! Go to HYPERLINK “” and from there you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

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My Music On GHP Radio Streaming 24/7

The weekly online radio audience has doubled every five years since 2001 and the Online Radio audience now reaches an estimated 57 million people age 12 and older per week.Ten percent of all Americans age 12 and older report weekly listening to the Internet Radio service Pandora.When asked to choose among Television, Radio, Newspapers and Internet as the ‘most essential to your life,’ the Internet is the leader by a significant margin.  I’m once again excited to announce that both of my smooth jazz singles “Pearl” and “MR.” have been added to another outstanding internet radio station’s playlist!! GHP RADIO plays all forms of jazz, soul, funk, r&b, chill, down beat, lounge and more. GHP RADIO is a 24 hour streaming station.

G. House Productions was started by Gary Fuston during the year 2000 after introducing some instrumental music works on the internet. After releasing his first CD collection on titled “The G. Invasion” things started to evolve after intense online promotions. Since then Gary has released 2 other CD’s “The Best Of G. Fuston” & “Unwind”. Gary has produced music for other artists including vocalists and musician artist. Also Gary produces radio ads, radio shows and other musical works for media entertainment.
Gary Fuston

Gary Fuston has a very deep passion for music and the arts which has opened many doors to the online community of networking with other artists and bands by introducing their new music releases on his radio program on GHP RADIO, “G. House Jazz & More” and “GHP RADIO Electro Chill Lounge.”

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