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Short Story: The Truth About Why I decided to Remix Cold Duck

Technically and according to the music industry it’s a reissue or re-release. Remix just sounds and looks better on the cover to me. You probably don’t care much about the technicalities, but I’m often asked “why a different version?” Or it’s assumed that I didn’t like the first version.

Here is what really happened. I teamed up with Giampero Scuderi, (the featured guitarist on the first version ) after hearing him play while having dinner one evening at one of my favorite spots. He immediately got my attention because he alternated between the guitar and the keyboard. May not sound like a big deal to you but let me say that he was doing a brilliant job and his musicianship was stellar. During his break, I immediately made my way to him to let him know how much I was enjoying his playing. I mean he was really into it! I couldn’t take my eyes off of his entertaining ways.

Now mind you, the track had already been written, but I just didn’t have a feature. I had previously auditioned eight other guitarist. That’s right EIGHT! Some came highly recommended, some were really good. But when I received their solos back, I was not at all impressed. I could tell that some of them, as good as they were with gigging, it didn’t translate on to a structured song. I realized that sometimes when a musician is use to improvising around a two or four bar loop, they get use to hearing a certain way. Follow me.

The ability to just improvise is an art form all by itself. Kind of like in rap music, the ability to just spit bars on the spot, no thought, no preparation, no writing down lyrics, just flowing. So with that said, I applaud anyone that can do that. But if all you do is improvise, you’re not responsible for the complete parts of a structured song. Intro, melody, bridge, hook etc. I found that to be true while auditioning these guys. There was no sense of melody, lots of fighting with other parts of the song, incomplete musical sentences, basically all over the place. Long story short, when I heard Gia play, I knew right away that he was the guitarist that would be perfect for this track.

I could tell by the way he played, by his interpretation and placement of parts. I recognized that skill set. After conversing with him, he agreed to play on it. I already had the melody and instructed him to have his way on the other sections as long as it fits within the track. But I knew that I didn’t have to say that because I TRUSTED him. I TRUSTED his musicianship. I TRUSTED his hearing. Long story short, we had so much fun recording! Fast forward.

Stanley Engelbrecht (the featured guitarist on the remix) had been reaching out to me for almost 2 years wanting to work with me. His persistence is only second to none. But life happened and I was working on other things, relocating to another area and dealing with a lot of things. So I put things on hold. I needed a break. Stanley kept reaching out, sometimes just to say hello or ask how I was doing or maybe a music business question.

He stayed on my radar even when I didn’t respond much.
What he didn’t know was that I admired his playing. I watched his online activity and saw his dedication and felt his hunger. I just wasn’t ready at the time. But after several conversations, I wanted to see what he would do on an already released track before committing to anything else. And WOW!! He sent back what he did and I was floored! But even then, it took me another year to do anything with it! Life happened that’s all.

Now here we are today and I am so amazed at the response and receptiveness of this remix. I gave him no instructions at all! I just gave him the track, stripped of the solo and ALLOWED him to do his thing. He did that!! What’s different? He gave it a different feel, added some more color and made it more cool lol. And that’s the truth about why I decided to “Cold Duck.”

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Tina E. Clark Wins GHP Radio Virtual Music Awards

TC2014_Opt2Tina E. Clark’s song “MR” won Best Smooth Jazz song by a female artist at the first annual GHP Radio Virtual Music Awards. She shares the accolades with music producer Anthony Clint Jr. of Clint Productions for his enormous contribution. Tina also took the other major award for BEST Female /Producer Songwriter. The complete list of GHP Radio Virtual Music Award winners is below.


Best Woodwind & Brass Instrument:- Lead Sam Hankins (Nothing Between Us)

Best Violin String Lead-The Soul Stringer JoAnna Johnson (Deep Soul)

Best Groove Featuring Sax- Joyce Spencer (Keep It Simple)

Best Smooth Jazz Soul Artist Song-Deon Yates (Use To Be)

Best Soul Female Vocalist Song- Yvonne J. (Move Your Body)

Best Soul Male Vocalist Song-Darryl F. Walker (Hold Me)

Best Male Soul Pop Artist/Track-COLDJACK feat. John Fraser (She Takes Me High)

Best Female Soul Pop Artist- Gina Carey (Beautiful Music)

Best New Composition Original- David McLorren (When I Knew)

Best Spiritual Instrumental-Terry Tuck (Eternal Life)

Best Indie Smooth Jazz Soul Band/Group- Blend Jazz (Melodic Melody)

Best Male Vocal In A Group Duo- Anthony Jefferson (But Beautiful)

Best Latin &Brazilian Jazz Music-Amaryllis Santiago (No Me Doy Por Vencida)

Best World Island Reggae Music-Bickley Rivera (Lovin’ You)

Best Smooth Chill Music-David McLorren (Changed)

Best Female Vocal In A Group/Duo-Nkenge Tuck (But Love)

Best Female R&B Artist-RINA ( Naturaal)

Best Male R&B Track-Will Ready (One Night Stand)

Best Jazz Funk Song-Ragan Whiteside (Funktuation)

Best Trumpet Groove-Sam Hankins (See Me)

Best Bass Guitar Lead-Terry Tuck (Desert Wind)

Best Guitar Lead-Thom Lourim (Chrysalis)

Best Live Stage Performance-Terry Tuck (Harps Off The Willow)

Best Male R&B OldSchool Original Song-Walter Taylor 111 (What’s Happening)

Best Make It Your Own Cover Song-The Soul Stringer JoAnna Johnson: (As I’ll Be Lovin’ You Always)

Best Collaboration CD Project-Yvonne J. (It’s All About Love)

Favorite New Album/CD/EP-COLDJACK (Spitfire Angels)

Congratulations to all of the VMA nominees and winners!

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Music Marketing Minute #9 Using Podcasts to Promote Your Music

mmmindexFind out how Podcasting can open up new distribution channels for independent artists.


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#1How to Stand Out and Break Through All The Online Clutter!

Music Marketing Minute #1: How to Stand Out and Break Through All The Online Clutter! Doing what everyone else is doing, just want cut it. Be ORIGINAL!

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GUILTY! Confessions Of A Music Producer

I tried to make myself feel better, by telling myself that I’m not alone…that there are others  just like me. But my “inner voice ” quickly responded with, “But others aren’t responsible for YOU and the  ACTIONS you don’t take or the MONEY you  don’t make.”  Wow! I wasn’t expecting that. What an inner reality check! We often tend to feel better (almost self-righteous) about our short-comings and downfalls when we believe that we’re not alone. Somehow it’s easier to justify. And it may be true that there are others who can identify with our struggles.  But knowing that shouldn’t be an EXCUSE for not being our best selves. It shouldn’t be an excuse for not doing the work. Let me be clear, activity is NOT achievement. Doing “the work” is getting RESULTS.

So here are my confessions: I am guilty of allowing myself to become sidetracked and distracted from doing all that I know to do in fulfilling ALL of my dreams. Sometimes I get just plain ole off-track. Even with all the tools, education, consultations, and a multitude of counselors/mentors .. I am guilty of at times engaging in activities that keep me BUSY, rather than focusing my efforts and attention on behaviors that will move me forward toward GREATER success. It get’s worse! I’m not good or effective at multitasking. YIKES!!!

Yes, I am a self starter. Yes, I am driven. Yes, I am creative. Yes, I am talented. Yes, I am motivated. Yes, I am all of that and so much more! So, how ’bout a round of applause and a standing ovation..sigh. Truth is, sometimes I get overwhelmed with all there is to learn and keep up with regarding music technology, branding and social media. I mean just when I am getting the hang of one thing, something else comes along. One Thing

So I move to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing, trying to keep up. And before I know it, I haven’t FINISHED anything! At least the things that should matter the most. The “things” that would put me in the position that I desire to be in as a music producer/songwriter. The “things” that can be rewarding spiritually, mentally and financially. Don’t get it twisted, I’m doing good, but I can do BETTER!

Life happens and it’s easy to get sidetracked, distracted and off-track. But these life-interruptions don’t have to control me or you. I’ve realized that there are times when I have to step away from the traffic, turn off the noise , shut the door and FOCUS on RESULTS. So I’m giving myself permission to pick “myself” up, dust myself off, take a deep breath and start all over again…one “thing” at a time. One more “thing”, be sure to subscribe or check back in to see how I got over and won!

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