The World Listens to My Music on Global Radio - link to listenI’m excited about this opportunity and I’ll tell you why:  Internet radio listening spread to 39% of all U. S. broadband households by early 2011, and smartphones account for a significant portion of their internet radio listening. And it’s not just early adopters or rabid fans, either: the massive growth of services like Last.FM, Rdio, Spotify and Pandora in American culture is real. This means that luckily, as old-school FM radio declines and the saturation of online streaming music services expands, today’s indie artists have opportunities to promote their music unlike any other in history according to and a Parks Associates survey. is the #1 result when searching “smooth jazz” on-line and has the largest gathered on-line community of jazz enthusiasts in the world with 7.5 million listeners and 300,000 unique site visitors per month as well as 45,000 email JazzBlast subscribers and nearly 10,000 Facebook followers!! Both of my smooth jazz singles “Pearl” and “MR.” have been added to their playlist, so be sure to join the world in listening to my music on Global Radio.

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